Dutch artist Hanneke Setz was born on March 6th 1972 in Groningen as the middle child in a family with 3 children. Her artistic talents already showed at a very young age. Aged 18, Hanneke moves to Utrecht for her education. In Utrecht, she develops into a characteristic and talented student. After 8 years, she moves back to Groningen for the relationship with the father of her 3 daughters. In 2012, her creative passion takes over and Hanneke paints every spare moment, day and night. She starts off with a few paintbrushes, some paint and a single canvas. Her painting takes place in an apartment in Haren, where the gifted paintress lives with her daughters and her 80 paintings. From here, things move quickly. Her work accumulates excellent reviews and are sold all over the world from New York to Abu Dhabi in well known galleries.

As Hanneke’s successes expand over the entire country and abroad, the need for a more centrally located gallery arises. Hanneke recognizes this need and opens a gallery in Laren, central part of Holland. At first, the artist slept in her gallery to be able to spend all her time painting. Travelling back to Haren would be a waste of precious painting time! Currently Hanneke has completely relocated to Laren.

Often Hanneke’s works feature cityscapes or angels. The feeling that is put into the paintings and the names these paintings receive can be recognized instantly, as the paintings burst with energy. She is recognized as a great talent in the art world.